I have advanced Keratoconus - a degenerative disease of the cornea - and over the past ten years have had to wear extremely painful RGP contact lenses in order to see. Glasses and LASIK don’t help people with irregular corneas like me, and the only other option for treating my condition was a corneal transplant.

But today, thanks to my awesome corneal specialist Dr. Weiss and a newly-approved soft lens called KeraSoft, I now have 20/20 vision WITHOUT PAIN.

This is a huge deal for me: I can now see without pain. After ten years of enduring daily torture for the basic ability to see, this news makes me happier than you could ever imagine.

Since very few people have Keratoconus, I know that very few of you will truly understand how I feel today. But, I still want to share my excitement with you anyway. It’s that important to me.

TODAY IS THE BEST MONDAY OF MY LIFE. And I hope your week is getting off to an amazing start, too!

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