Horace Silver died today. Jazz legend Horace Silver, FYI.

“The Jody Grind” was my favorite as a teenager, still is to this day. This is a cool musician.

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Deafblind Brazilian “watches” World Cup with the help of his friends - Video

THESE are real friends. Absolutely amazing.

I was trying to “cleanse” my tumblr, but this is worth being on here for more reasons than you can imagine.

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really digging this yuna lights & camera remix by lowself.


You’ve seen this, right?

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Every #MusicMonday, I get to share a playlist of great music with you onYouTube Nation! This week, the playlist is all about EDC!

If you find an awesome music video you think I should know about for #MusicMonday, let me know on Twitter!



the boyfriend, ladies and gentlemen


he sent me the meme

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